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Giorgio's Pizza

  Best pizza-by-the-slice in Indy!

About us


Founded in 1990, Giorgio's is an authentic Pizza-by-the-Slice Italian Restaurant with a focus on fresh ingredients that go into dishes made with original Italian recipes.

Shortly after opening, Giorgio's Pizza caught the attention of The Indianapolis News:

"The American Dream is made of many things: grit, determination, hard work, risk-taking," the story began.

"All of these are important to Giorgio Migliaccio, yes, but fresh tomatoes and the best available Italian sausage outrank all those other ingredients on his list of priorities."

Migliaccio grew up on the island of Ischia, near Naples.

"My momma every Sunday used to make meatballs," he says. "I remember the eggs and the parsley and the fresh garlic were all put together. I make it just like that, just like in my hometown."

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John Gentry/The Indianapolis News

Giorgio Migliaccio